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Recipe: Campfire frying pan pizza

Our woodland campfire cooking continues! This time, we made a yeasted dough pizza, using just one frying pan - it's delicious! Because we put a lid on it (in our case, a wok lid), the steam is kept in, and this helps to cook the dough and make it rise. It also means that your cheese melts, and the toppings cook through.

What you'll need:

a heavy-based frying pan (ours is cast iron), with a lid

vegetable oil - some for frying, some for the dough

for the dough:

300g strong white flour

one and a half teaspoons of dried yeast

about 200ml water

for the toppings:


grated cheese

any other toppings you like, but not raw meat! Make sure this is cooked beforehand

How to make it:

Mix the flour, yeast, a glug of oil (about a tablespoon) and the water to make a soft dough. Add a bit more flour if it's too sticky, or a bit more water if it won't all mix together.

Bring it together with your hands, and knead it for a few minutes. Set it aside in the bowl, covered with a clean tea cloth, to let it rise for about half an hour.

You now need to either light your campfire, or make sure it's hot enough to cook on! You can also prepare any toppings, like grating the cheese, or cutting up olives/tomatoes/peppers etc, and put the kettle on for a cup of tea or hot chocolate!

Now take the dough and give it a quick knead on a floured surface. Roll it out so that it will fit into the frying pan. Put a little oil into the pan and heat it up on the fire, before putting the dough base in.

You need to cook the base without it burning, which can be tricky on a campfire! Cook it with the lid on. It will take about five minutes on each side - make sure it has gone golden, but you'll be cooking it a bit longer anyway once you've put the toppings on.

Take the pan off the fire once the base has been cooked on both sides, and put a layer of passata, then the toppings you want, then some cheese. Put the lid on, then put it back on the fire. It'll take another five minutes or so - you'll see that the cheese has melted.

Take it back off the fire, and either cut it up in the pan, or carefully slide it onto a chopping board to cut up. Enjoy!

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