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The Big Crow Wood Art Exchange

Since the middle of March, none of our art or forest school groups have been able to meet up, which has been very hard. So we came up with a way of keeping in contact with each other and creating a whole new body of art work - an art exchange, using inspirations sent to each other by post.

Wonderfully, there has been a huge range of ideas and media used in the exchange, and we can't wait to exhibit the work with Air Arts at Royal Derby Hospital. 

So in the meantime, here is a virtual gallery of the creative inspirations that participants sent to each other, and the art works that were made in response to those inspirations.

We're so impressed by the range and quality of the artworks produced, and the originality of so many ideas- 


Robin inspiration recieved.jpg
Robin exchange.jpg
jools inspiration received.jpg
jools art work created.jpg
Paul's art work Time and Space
00:00 / 04:58
Nick inspiration received.jpg
Nick response
Kate inspiration received.jpg
kate art work created.jpg
Rick inspiration received.jpg
Rick artwork created.jpg
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