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Planting out demonstration

Here’s one of our mini gardeners demonstrating how to replant pot grown plants. These tomatoes went into the vineyard greenhouse last week and are growing really well- lots of roast tomatoes, soups and sauces for us in a couple of months!

The sequence for planting is:

  1. Dig a hole the same size as your pot.

  2. Place your fingers carefully either side of the plant's stem

  3. Turn over the pot, then squeeze and tap the pot gently until the plant and soil slip out.

  4. Using both hands, carefully turn the plant back over and place it into the hole.

  5. Level the soil back out and firm the plant in by pressing firmly around it with flat hands.

If the roots are coiling around, you can untangle them before turning the plant into the hole and then spread them out to help them grow better.

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