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Grafted apple trees growing nicely!

A few people have asked, so here they are: The apple trees that got grafted a bit too late due to the terrible wet weather followed by all groups being cancelled because of coronavirus.

Once again, nature has proven itself very resilient: At least 12 of the 16 grafts have definitely taken- I think one at least has not.

All of the rootstocks are growing well, in spite of the ongoing dry weather, so we can try again in late winter 2021 for any that haven’t taken this time around.

A close look at the picture will reveal one major error, though: The sharpie has washed off the scrap laminated paper I used to make the labels- so they’re now lucky dip apple varieties! Oops. At least we know they’re all good apple trees, and all on the same semi dwarfing rootstocks!

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