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Activity of the day: sled kites of all sizes!

Sled kites are perfect for all ages, and they fly in practically no wind. In fact, tiny ones will fly in the hot air above a radiator! You can make them from pretty much any scrap paper or plastic, and you can make them any size.

What you will need:

1.Scrap paper or plastic



4.marker pen

5.sticky tape

6.wool or string

How to make it:

1.First, you need a template to draw round to make your kite 'sail'. If you look at the photo, you can see what it looks like - you just need to decide on the size. The large one in our photos is based on 10cm squares (so it's 40cm at its widest point, and 30cm high), and the small kite is based on 4cm squares (so its only 16cm wide by 12cm high).

2.Then use your template to mark out the sail on whatever you're going to use - an old plastic bag, a sheet of newspaper, tissue paper (for small ones).

3.Cut this out, then measure the 'bridle'. This is what you will attach the flying line to, and it allows the sail to open in the wind. It needs to be three times the width of the kite.

Attach it with tape to the corners.

4.Then find the centre of the bridle by putting the two corners together and holding the bridle in the middle. Make a loop right in the middle, and attach the flying line to it (use string, wool or thread for the bridle and flying line.)

The tiny kite is made in just the same way, but the squares were only 4cm each.

5.Finally, you need to add a tail, or several tails. Make sure they're added symmetrically, otherwise your kite will fly lopsidedly! We used strips of old magazine - roll a sheet up and cut segments off, as a quick way of making lots of strips.

Attach your tails, and fly away!

(Be careful not to fly near trees, telephone wires or power cables!)

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