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Rhubarb and orange no-cook cheesecake

Continuing with the rhubarb theme! A very indulgent dessert, and very easy to make. You could make it for a special occasion or just as a treat.

250g chopped rhubarb

150g caster sugar

zest and juice of an orange

60g melted butter/margarine

200g gingernut biscuits

400g soft cheese or marscarpone

100g Greek yoghurt or quark

Prepare a 20cm tin (ideally a spring-form or loose bottomed one) by greasing and lining it with greaseproof paper.

Cook the rhubarb in a pan with the sugar, zest and juice, until the fruit is soft. Allow it to cool a little, then strain it through a sieve.

Bash the biscuits in a bowl to make crumbs (or blend them in a food processor), and add the melted butter/margarine. Put this mixture in the tin, then press it flat with a spoon.

Mix together the soft cheese and yoghurt in a bowl, and stir in the puree, but not the syrup you strained off.

Spread the cheese mixture over the base, and chill overnight.

You can serve it with the syrup, or use the syrup for icecream, yoghurt or porridge!

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