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Recipe: Spiced courgette muffins (vegan)

Adding vegetables- courgette (yes, I know it's a fruit), carrot, beetroot, pumpkin (also fruit...) to cakes makes them soooo moist and yummy.

Courgette are great because the pieces of skin inside the cake look like little jewels. Yellow courgette work brilliantly with dried apricot for a really golden muffin; here, green courgette has been used with raisins and prunes.

This is another variation on the Incredible Completely Indestructible muffin recipe.

For 12 muffins, instead of the rhubarb and vanilla in the recipe, we added 2 cups grated courgette and 1 cup raisins and prunes (mixed- we chopped the prunes because they're too big otherwise!).

My favourite spice to use with these is ground allspice- it's a little bit more zingy than mixed spice (because of being a completely different thing)- I add a generous teaspoon for 12 muffins.


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