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Recipe: Orange cakes

This is another forest school recipe that you can do at home! When we make them at forest school, they're wrapped in foil and cooked either in the embers, or in our fantastic army field oven (which we usually do pizzas in).

You can use any cake recipe that you like - the recipe here is for a plain Victoria sponge, but it would be lovely with a chocolate cake recipe too.

What you will need:

Four large oranges

200g self raising flour

200g margarine

200g sugar

2 teaspooons egg replacer (or 2 eggs)

2 tablespoons soya milk/other dairy free milk (or cow's milk)

an oven-proof dish or roasting tin to put the oranges in

How to make them:

  1. Roll the oranges firmly on a worktop, using the palm of you hand. This makes it much easier to get the flesh out.

  2. Cut the top off each orange, a bit like you would to make a pumpkin lantern. Then run a sharp knife between the skin and the flesh, as far down the orange as you can, without cutting through the skin (or your cake mixture will leak!).

  3. Using a spoon, scrape out all the flesh. It doesn't matter if some gets left in, it'll just add to the flavour.

Make your cake mixture:

  1. Cream together the margarine and sugar.

  2. Sift the flour and egg replacer into the creamed fat/sugar mixture, and start to mix, adding the milk as you go. You should end up with a soft mixture, with no lumps!


Share the cake mixture between the four hollowed-out oranges.

Bake in the centre of the oven at 375 degrees F/180 degrees C for about 40 minutes, but check them after half an hour!

You can also cook them in your campfire - either in the embers (like you'd cook a baked potato), or on top in a Dutch oven/cast iron pan with a lid.

They always take longer than you think - check to see if they're cooked by pushing a skewer into the centre of one of them - if it comes out clean, they're cooked through.

You can eat them hot, with a spoon, or have them with ice cream/custard/yoghurt.

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