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Recipe: Garlic fried courgettes

Simple, quick and extremely tasty!


  • Courgettes (about 1-2 cupfuls of sliced courgette per person)

  • Garlic (as much as you like- for 6 people I use a whole bulb)

  • Oil (the leftover oil from Aldi sundried tomatoes is VERY tasty...)

  • Salt and herbs to taste


  1. Pour a thin layer of oil over the bottom of the pan - less oil will make the courgettes more crispy, more will make them sweeter and gooey.

  2. Heat the oil until it's sizzling

  3. Add the garlic and courgette (slicing the garlic is usually helpful to make sure it cooks through for this recipe)

  4. Fry, stirring regularly to make sure all the pieces are cooked.

  5. This is ready when you decide it is- the longer you cook it, the softer it will be!

Delicious stirred into pasta, or really nice as a thick topping on a piece of bread (that's my preferred option!

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