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Recipe: Fresh mint or lemon balm tea

Since herbs are growing at quite a pace now, we're getting back into using fresh herbs where we've been using dried over the last few months. Though it does mean either remembering to keep a few stalks in a cup of water to have them at hand, or sending a willing minion down the garden to find them when needed (and risking ending up with some interesting plants being brought in "because I thought it looked a bit like rosemary").

This year, two of the kids have decided that drinking tea is very grown up and sophisticated. They can drink pretty well as much of this stuff as they like, since it's caffeine free and literally growing wild all over the place.

To make a mint or lemon balm tea, simply pick a growing tip off a stem with about 4-6 leaves on it, put it in a cup, fill the cup with boiling water and leave for a few minutes. Some people recommend covering the cup with a saucer to prevent flavour molecules escaping: We're not sure we can tell the difference, particularly with a herb as strong as mint. If serving to people who aren't reliable with very hot drinks, adding cold water doesn't spoil the taste.

Iced mint tea- sweetened or not- is also a really nice drink. Really, it's pretty much the same as the mint cordial from a few posts ago...

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