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Recipe: campfire sausage and fries

We could have called this post 'the downsides of campfire cooking', because today it was pouring with rain! Although we had a tarp shelter, obviously the campfire still has to be out in the open...

Anyway, it worked out in the end, and we just enjoyed having sausage and fries all the more because we'd got a bit wet and cold!

What you'll need

Two heavy-based frying pans, with a lids

vegetable oil

Meat or veggie sausages (ours were meat)


two onions


How to make it:

First, prepare your potatoes by cutting them into fairly thin slices, and dice the onions.

Now you can start your campfire! Let it get going, so that you have enough heat but it's not too 'flamey'.

Put a good amount of oil in your potato pan, and get it hot on the fire. Then add the sliced potatoes, and cook them for a good ten minutes before you add the onions (they'll burn if you put them in too soon). This is where you need to work out how your fire is burning - you need a steady but not too ferocious heat, because the potatoes need to cook for 15 or 20 minutes, and you don't want them to be completely burnt!

When your potatoes have ten minutes to go, add oil to your sausage pan, and get that hot on the fire. Add the sausages, and if they're meat, you need to cook them cpvered for at least ten minutes. Check to make sure they're cooked through, and give them longer if needed. Veggie sausages might not need quite as long, but you still need to check that they're cooked through.

When everything's done, serve it up and enjoy with a good dollop of your favourite sauce!

In the photos, you can probably see the amount of rain that was gathering on the lid of the sausages!! This made finding dry firewood and lighting the fire quite tricky...We only had one lid, so we cooked the sausages first - we tried cooking without a lid, but the rain made the oil spit too much...luckily, because we use a fire-bowl, the fire kept going and it stays really hot.

In fact, it was so wet that we didn't even take photos of the finished meal, we just tucked in!

Hopefully, you'll have better weather for your next cook-out...

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