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Recipe: All sorts of fizz!

As promised, here’s the reporting back on the latest batch of fizz recipes.

Due to injuries and a bit of miscommunication (only open the bottles to release pressure if the pressure is high, not every day regardless) plus slow fermentation these ones took a while to get fizzy!

This time, we tried thyme fizz and lavender fizz, replacing the elderflower with either a handful of lavender flower heads or a handful of thyme stems. I used 2tbsp cider vinegar but no lemon juice.

They were both OK, though neither was up to the standard of the rhubarb, elderflower, mint or lemon balm fizzes. It was quite nice to have the less usual flavours, though, and neither was unpleasant. They really did ferment surprisingly slowly- perhaps something to do with the herbs themselves holding less yeast when they were put in the water initially, or maybe they were even slowing the fermentation?

I preferred the thyme but everyone else preferred the lavender!

Rumour has it that it’s possible to ferment soft fruits into fizzy drinks, too- so watch this space for attempts at redcurrant, blackcurrant and blackberry fizz!!

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