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Ready for summer: How to keep your (home) cool

As the weather is switching from gloomy rain to days of sunshine, many homes are going to start getting uncomfortably hot, especially as we’re all stuck inside this year.

With Crow Wood CIC's staff experience of eco retrofit and energy efficient design, we’re going to take a look at a whole range of measures - many completely free and accessible to everyone – which can help to keep homes at a comfortable and safe temperature all summer long.

Each day from Tuesday 14th April we’ll be looking at a different aspect of how and why homes can be adapted to keep temperatures from rising inside, as well as small changes you can make in how you use your home to keep the indoor temperature down.

There’s also going to be a campaigning and education aspect to the series: Some homes in the UK are simply built too badly to keep cool, no matter what the people living there do (short of spending huge amounts of money and energy on air conditioning- which is neither good for the pocket nor the planet). We’ll be looking at factors which can make a home both “hard to heat” in winter and “impossible to cool” in summer- and what you can do if you’re unlucky enough to live in one of these buildings or want to support those who are in this situation.

There will be badly drawn diagrams, lots of slightly inaccurate comparisons and analogies, links to really useful websites, the odd attempt at humour and lots of hints that are useful for keeping houses warm in winter as well as for keeping them cool in summer... So even if you’re living in one of those homes that never seems to rise above freezing, there will still be something for you!

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