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News: Support from the Royal Horticultural Society!

We've recieved some lovely certificates from the RHS, in recognition of the work we've been doing in our community - from giving away vegetable and herb plants, ideas and information leaflets for growing your own, and for cooking with what you grow, to supporting over 250 local youngsters with their own growing packs; working with vulnerable people and adults, and mustering the local community to look after a fabulous nature reserve that's on their doorstep.

We're love doing what we do, but it's lovely that other people love us doing it too!

We couldn't achieve all of this without a great bunch of vounteers - the host of local people who work on Grangeover nature reserve; Cathie, Jenny and Sam who worked on the plant giveaway, Lucy from Derby University who volunteered on our allotment site as well as with our home ed sessions; Cathie again who volunteers every week on the allotment site; Cliff and Kathryn (confusing - there are four Kathryns currently!) for help in construction on the allotment; the committee and plotholders at Rowditch allotments, who are always ready with plants, advice, help and support...and many others - a big thankyou from us!

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