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News: Keeping busy in the cold weather!

The weather might be pretty grotty at the moment, but we find plenty to do on the allotment...

We try to keep a balance of more structured activities like cooking (this week, we cooked an excellent pineapple pizza!), and unstructured play, using loose parts. A water spray and some food colouring is fantastic to experiement with, and there's a lot of learning that happens along the way.

The newly dug bed near the raspberries still needs couch grass digging out of it, so we had a go. It's slow going as the ground is very soggy and heavy, but we are nearly through it...

This week, we also made a noughts and crosses game, by sawing some wooden 'cookies' (branch slices, which make great playing pieces), and using some wood from the indespensible scrap store to make a playing base. We spent some time finishing the pieces by sanding them, and ended up with a lovely little game (which we forgot to photograph when we'd finished...)

Finally, because the willow is being used by the art groups at the moment, we took the opportunity to have a go at a chain of willow circles, which looks very effective as a Christmas decoration.

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