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News: Jobs on the allotment

Over the past few weeks, we've been doing lots of jobs on the allotment. Despite the mud, rain, snow and ice, there's been plenty to do!

We only took on the vineyard plot at the end of March 2020, and this needed the most work. We've cleared away the rubbish on the boundary, which has given us a lot more space, and makes it easier to keep the brambles at bay.

The wobbly and rotten vine posts have been replaced and re-wired (a very time consuming job!).

The raspberries have been thinned, but need some posts and wire putting up so that they can be trained, which will make them more productive.

We've made some staging for the vineyard greenhouse, using recycled timber, in readiness for starting seeds off (yes, it will get warmer...!)

The apple trees in the main plot have been pruned, to make them more productive, and to keep the espaliers growing where they're supposed to.

We have some fantastic new pyrographed signs (thanks, Nick, great job!).

And if you look carefully, there are some signs of spring - a few primroses, and the daffoldils are well up...

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