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News: It's starting to feel just a bit Christmassy...

Our willow baskets are on hold - time for a quick diversion into Christmas wreaths! Some of our home education students have worked with willow before, but most haven't, and so it was a great chance to either re-familiarise yourself with the ways of the willow, or to get to grips with it as a material.

We also discussed different festive traditions, and why greenery is used, as well as why willow is so versatile. There is a small 'osier bed' that we planted on the allotment, so there will be an opportunity to use our own willow soon!

The two art groups work slightly differently, so the second group also did some edible modelling - using marzipan. This is pretty fun, if a bit messy!

You can see their wreaths in various stages of creation.

(this is two groups, as we can only have a maximum of five students at one time)

Allotment dog is not happy about the cold weather - although he loves all the attention!

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