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News: Forest fairy cakes!

Cooking outside can be hard work when the weather is as hot as it has been, so we were lucky to have a cooler day for our most recent cooking experiements! We decided to use the field oven, putting it on top of the fire bowl. This not only makes it more efficient, it contains the fire better than using trench fire (which is what you'd normally put under a field oven). It's also fun to have different ways of cooking, not just frying and boiling!

We first made some bread dough, and shaped it into rolls, leaving them to rise whist we went looking for firewood.

Then after half an hour or so, we lit the fire and gave it a quarter of an hour or so to heat the oven, before putting in the bread. It's an amazingly hot oven if you're not careful!

As the bread was baking, we made cake mixture, and put it into cake cases - then as we took the bread out, the cakes went in...

With a delicious smell of newly-baked bread wafting through the trees, we had cheese rolls for lunch - delicious! Followed by tea (or hot choclolate) and cakes...perfect!

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