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Forest Schools sessions start after 3 months away!

It was a beautiful afternoon to have the first of our forest school sessions since mid-December. The group is slightly smaller than normal, as there are still restrictions on how many people we can have, but we're hoping to be back up to strength after Easter.

The woods look very different since the group was last here, so we started with a walk around the whole area, just to see what had changed.

Despite the fact that the trees are still bare, there was plenty starting to grow, with a carpet of lesser celendine, the wild garlic, dog's mercury, and lords-and-ladies.

The stream has carved its way noticeably deeper over the winter, and there were lots of branches that had washed through (great for making dams!).

By the middle of the afternoon, the sky was clear, and the sun shining through the trees made it idyllic.

Even the dog had a bit of a bask in the sun, by the fire.

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