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Fabulous First Conservation Session!

On Tuesday we ran the first conservation session of the Duesbury Green Spaces Group.

This group has been formed to maintain and improve a lovely local nature reserve and derelict play area.

During the session, 12 volunteers cleared bags of rubbish from the site and cut back brambles and scrub which were obstructing paths. Unfortunately it was dark by the time we finished, so no photos- but lots of us did see bats on our way home!

Huge thanks to everyone who came, especially the local councillors and council workers who gave their time to support us.

Future plans include getting some bat and bird boxes organised, re-opening woodland paths (once we get permission to work in the tree preservation order woodland), developing a plan and getting funding to improve the old play area- and organising some community sessions including nature events on the site.

We'll be meeting on Sundays monthly for the next six months as the evenings will be too dark for weekday sessions- keep an eye out for the date and time of our next meet-up!

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