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Easter visit to Pondwood

We were so lucky to plan our visit to Pondwood for such a beautiful day! We managed to have sunshine and not a breath of wind- perfect weather to enjoy the celandines, wood anemones, early bluebells and a host of birds!

Our first foray took us past Pondwood pond (which has appeared again because of all the recent rain), and we whittled fox-families from sycamore. A great project for learning how to use a bush knife, as it's quite a fiddly shape to carve.

We went back to camp to make our lunch, and then took off for an explore to the meadows and lake.

Our afternoon treat was cake at the nursery tea rooms! Then we headed back to Pondwood.

We just had time to learn about fire lighting, and how to extinguish a fire properly and safely- very important in a woodland, especially as it gets drier and warmer later in the year!

There are definitely plans to come back again soon 😊

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