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Activity: Paper marbling

Our art sessions for home educating children have moved onlin, due to the current lockdown, and we’re try out all sorts of practical activities as well as a bit of art theory and art history.

Our first session looked at different techniques of marbling paper, using watered-down acrylic paints or food colouring, rather than having to buy expensive specialist paints.

You can try this yourself! You need something to float your colour into. We used three different substances for this, and they each gave slightly different effects.

Firstly, we used a layer of shaving foam in a shallow container, secondly we used full-fat cow’s milk/non-dairy milk, and finally we used cornflour-thickened water.

You then use a stick/dropper/drinking straw to drop thinned paint or food colouring onto the surface, and gently draw a design through the blobs of colour.

Then carefully lay a piece of paper onto the surface, then lift it up again. Wipe off the excess starch/shaving foam, and hang your creation up to dry.

Experiment with different designs.

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