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Activity of the Day: Treasure hunting 6- Written clue-to-clue hunts

Once again, only one treasure is needed for this kind of hunt- and even better, it's a chance to practice writing some truly awful poetry: William McGonnagle here we come!

The same principles apply for this hunt as for the photo hunt- though this kind of hunt needs quite a bit of care taken that the clues are suited to the hunters.

If you need to make a number of graded hunts it's possible to use the same locations or different locations in the same small area for multiple different hunts. If using the same area for more than one hunt, put the clues in different orders so hunters can't follow each other around. Use different coloured paper or card for each hunt and ensure that each hunter knows which colour to look for. If you have hunters who are likely to notice small details you could even label one hunt with numbered clues and one with lettered clues- though different coloured paper is easier for excitable hunters to distinguish!

As ever, make sure you keep copies of the clues and ensure you have a very clear list of where each clue is hidden, to avoid problems when one of the clues turns out to be harder than you thought it would be...

Tomorrow we'll have a look at all the troubleshooting suggestions which have been scattered over the last few posts plus hints on how to help those struggling with learning how to make hunts.

Happy hunting!

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