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Activity of the Day: Treasure hunting 5- photo clue-to-clue hunting

Finally, a treasure hunt that only needs one treasure!

This kind of hunt is a big step harder than clue-to-item style hunts: If something goes wrong part way through, it can be very hard to get things back on track- so make sure that even if you're hiding printed photos, you keep a record of each location in the right order so you can untangle things if something happens!

You don't need a printer for this hunt- using a phone camera or tablet throughout will work fine, though it will be slightly simpler if you can print the photos out.

You will need:

  • Something you can take and display photos with

  • A treasure- we find cakes in a secure tin work nicely...

  • Paper or card

Take photos of all the places you plan to hide clues. 10 or 12 locations is usually a good number to start with- you can easily make more if this goes down well.

Either print out the photos or put them in order on your device (you could make a PowerPoint presentation to display the photos in the right order).

Number the clues from 1 upwards until you get to your last clue (eg if you have 12 photos, you'll have photos numbered 1-12. If you're not printing the clues, write the numbers on blank pieces of paper, so you have the same number of pieces of paper as photos.

Do not hide clue 1. Hide clue 2 (or the paper with number 2 on it) in the location shown on clue 1. Hide clue 3 (or the paper with number 3 on it) in the location shown on clue 2, and so on until you have hidden your last clue. Then hide the treasure in the location shown on the final clue photo.

Give the first clue to your hunters. They should be able to use the locations on each clue to guide themselves through the whole hunt.

If you're using numbered papers, your hunters will need to come back to you whenever they find a new number so that you can show them the next photo on your device. This can be a nice way to make sure they're staying on track- and it saves printing!

People who can't yet write can enjoy taking the photos and setting up these hunts. Children and people who find working out what other people are thinking can need quite a bit of support with creating clue-to-clue hunts to avoid upset through impossible hunts (the "crazy alien hunt" in the rain where none of the clues bore any relation to the location of any other clue was... interesting... and cold!) though we've found most people are very able to actually do the hunting with a bit of support.

This style of hunt isn't necessarily easy- they can be a real challenge, depending how the photos are taken and depending how well people know the area that the photos are of. You don't need a huge hunt area to make this fun- indoors in a single room can work as well as hunting across a large outdoor space.

Once again, happy hunting!

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