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Activity of the Day: Treasure hunting 4- written clues to items

Once again we're making the treasure hunt a little more complicated- moving from taking pictures showing the location of each item to writing a simple, single line clue for locations.

This is another multiple-item treasure hunt (so you'll need the same kind of items as in the Treasure Hunting 2 post). Each item has a different clue to lead to it. The items are hidden but the clues are not- so even if one hidden item can't be found, the hunt can carry on with the next clue.

If doing this hunt with people who are just learning to read or who struggle to interpret instructions, I would recommend that the first few times you do this, you write or type clues very clearly, even just stating the location the item is in or, to make it a little more complex, describe the purpose of the location (eg "in the bath" could be "where you go to wash" or "on the sofa" could be "where you sit to watch TV").

Once everyone has the hang of how this hunt type works, it's a nice way to get people who are just starting to practice communicating with writing to do some sentences with a real purpose.

As you can see from the photos, even clues which are supposed to be very simple written by people who are just learning to write or who have difficulties with theory of mind (working out what other people are thinking) can be pretty cryptic.

Our experience is that people can get pretty upset if they think their hunt can't be completed due to others not being able to decipher a clue. This kind of hunt avoids most of the potential upset by making sure that almost all of the hunt can be done even if a few clues are a bit problematic!

We'll be discussing more to do with teaching people how to write their own treasure hunts at the end of the week. In the meantime, happy hunting!

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