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Activity of the day: Treasure hunting 3- "The Lockdown"

This is a backwards version of the last treasure hunt. It has been a great way to bring the outdoors in when some of us were still needing to be in self-isolation while others were allowed out for exercise.

You will need: A camera, preferably a cameraphone so whoever is out can send photos straight back in real time- though any sort of digital camera is fine and you can do the whole "hunt" when everyone is back home in that case.

The person or people going out should go to reasonably familliar places in your neighbourhood on foot or by bike.

Every so often, they should stop to take a selfie near something vaguely recognisable - as ever, judging difficulty by the audience- but in general, a plain wall is not usually a great clue- distinctive trees, fences, windows, shops and other buildings etc etc are much more identifiable.

Send the photo straight back to the people doing the hunt from home. The people at home then have to message back with the location that the photo was taken.

Don't cheat by using location services- that would spoil the fun!

We've been really amazed by how many little areas of our neighbourhood were quite hard to identify- and there were an amazing number of roads and park edges that some people had never been to at all, even though we'd have said we know the area well.

This hunt type has been a great way to get the bigger kids out exploring on their bikes developing independence and getting some exercise. It's also great for little ones and people who struggle with finding their way about to develop their knowledge of their local area- because who doesn't like taking lots of photos and sending them to family!

Happy hunting!

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