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Activity of the day: Treasure hunting 2- photo clues hunt

We've been on a whole lot of bear hunts!

Photo clues hunts can be done in a whole lot of ways: This is a nice simple type that works well as a next step developing from the classic hunt-the-object treasure hunts.

As we discussed last time, it's a really good idea to have a photo of the stuff you're hiding anyway, so that you can find it again as necessary. Above are all the bears (OK, quite a few are technically not bears) that have been hiding around the house.

All you'll need for this hunt are a camera- on a phone or tablet is fine- and things to hide (as ever, if going outdoors consider whether your objects need to be water resistant and whether animals might eat the objects especially if they're chocolate which can poison dogs in particular due to the theobromine it contains).

As you hide each object, take a photo of it, making sure the photo includes enough of the surroundings that someone looking at the it will be able to work out the location. You'll have to judge how much surrounding to include based on the people you're hiding the objects for. These are some of our bear hunt photos:

Now all you need to do is sit down with your hunters (preferably with a nice cup of tea) and show them the photos one at a time: Then with any luck they can run around finding the objects, while you get to drink the tea!

I aim to make the objects reasonably easy to find with quite a lot of context for the younger hunters (the above photos were for the younger hunters) and to show a different photo to each hunter, as this avoids them getting too hyped up or frustrated: For the older hunters photos including only a fragment of an object and small piece of furniture, book, or a carpet or wall colour can be enough for them to find objects surprisingly fast- with the caveat once again to make sure there's an easy photo for you to retrieve objects later as there's always one that hides better than you thought it would...

Happy hunting!

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