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Activity of the day: Tiny books and fingerprint people

Make your own tiny story books with this quick and simple activity - you can make a whole library of adventures! And rather than needing to do lots of writing, use inky fingerprints to make the silliest or scariest of characters without needing to spend ages drawing. Lovely for children (and adults!) to share with each other, you can make up a different story every time with these nifty little picture books.

You will need:

1.Scrap paper - this book was done using half a sheet of a sketch book (so it ended up being A5 size), but any rectangle of paper will do.

2.Ink - we used cheap ink pads from Hobbycraft, but you could put biro on your finger, or even use mud-paint (yes really - soil/clay with water makes great paint!)


4.A pen or pencil

How to do it:

1.Fold your paper in half, then quarters, then each quarter into half (see the photos below)

2.Open it up again, then just fold it in half along the short centre fold. Cut to the first line (look at the photo)

3.Open it up again, then fold it in half lengthwise. Then push the middle section out - have a look at the photos, so you can see how it will look. Then continue folding the 'pages' together and flatten the folds so that it stays together better.

4.Now you need to fill your book with a story! We've made characters using fingerprints. It's fun to add arms and legs, funny faces and hair, then give them accessories! Play around and see what you come up with. Then tell each other your story!

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