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Activity of the day: Swinging tin can painting!

We decided to do some art in the garden, so we could be quite messy, and do something big! This is a great activity if you have a bit of room - outside is probably best! But you could do a smaller version indoors (more of that later).

What you will need:

1.Empty tin can

2.Something to make holes in the can, like a bradawl


4.Paint - ready-mix will work, we had a very old can of emulsion that we diluted with water. Or you could use water on it's own, or dry sand.

5.A large piece of paper or card (like an opened out cardboard box), or a slabbed/concrete area you don't mind getting a bit messy.

How to do it:

1.You need to wash the can, then put holes in the sides and attach string, and a hole in the bottom to let the paint out. Put some tape over the hole until you're ready to paint.

2.Fill your can with paint: you have different options here! You need paint about the consistency of ready-mixed paint. But you could also just use water, and 'paint' onto dry concrete or slabs, which would work really well. Or, you could use dry sand - this would work inside, onto newspaper.

3.Attach your filled can so that it's very close to the ground, and on long strings so that it can swing slowly (ours were about 1.5m long and hung from a washing line). Practice swinging the can so that it goes in an arc - you need to swing it off to one side slightly. The can is quite heavy when you fill it with paint, water or sand, and you can experiment to see how you can adjust the pendulum action, depending on how long the string is and which direction you send it in at the start.

4.Make sure that your paper or cardboard is in place (if you're using them), and that your can is set up right over the centre. When you're ready to go, take off the tape that's covering the hole in the bottom and quickly cover it with your finger. The release the can as you practiced. Watch it go!

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