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Activity of the day: Sunflower seeds and recycled pots

Hi to all the students from St Peter’s- here’s a post to help you with planting your sunflower seeds if you haven’t yet done it.

The picture at the top shows 4 different sorts of sunflower seeds- they’re all seeds from flowers we’ve grown, so once your sunflowers have finished flowering this year, you can save seeds to eat, feed wild birds and for growing next year.

You can grow your seeds in any clean container. It’s best if there are holes in the bottom so water can drain out and your seedlings won’t get waterlogged- the pictures below show some ideas of pots you could use.

Make sure you label your seeds- strips cut from another pot work well or you can stick a paper label on with tape- just don’t get it wet when watering!

Fill your container with compost or soil, then gently push your seed into the compost and cover it over. If you haven’t got any compost or soil, you can grow your seed on a few layers of toilet paper or tissue.

Water your container, put it into a warm windowsill and keep watering regularly so the compost or paper stays moist.

In a week or so, you should see the sunflower shoot starting to grow:

Enjoy watching your sunflower grow for the next few weeks, and watch this space for instructions on planting it out for the summer.

Tomorrow’s activity: Growing all sorts of windowsill plants from seeds and other things you may have in your kitchen!

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