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Activity of the day: Potting on kitchen seedlings

We had a look at handling small seedlings using the handle of a teaspoon a while ago.

Today, the mung beans, cannellini beans and popcorn we germinated on loo roll really needed to start growing in compost- as did our avocado plants we started at Christmas.

The cardamom are definitely germinating, but we want to watch them a little longer before burying them. The potatoes are growing strongly... but we’re not quite sure where to put them at the moment as there’s no spare garden space- we filled it with fruit trees!

The seedlings of big things like beans should lift off the tissue easily if you’re careful- don’t worry if some tissue comes with them, it will rot in the soil anyway. Put them into a pot 3/4 filled with compost then cover them with another handful of compost and water well. again, remember to label your pots- these labels are worn out clarinet reeds.

With smaller seeds, you can just lift the tissue (using a spatula may help you if the tissue is falling apart too much) and put it on top of the compost before covering with a little extra compost.

Sweetcorn usually doesn’t like being moved very much, and popcorn is a very similar plant (they’re both maize) so now we know popcorn will germinate we’re also going to plant some more pots of popcorn because it’s something all the kids are really keen to succeed in growing a crop of- fingers crossed the summer is hot enough to mimic wherever the popcorn in the packet grew!

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