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Activity of the day: Folded paper flowers

Just a simple idea today, which can be done with any paper you have to hand. We used the paper off food tins- it comes in all sorts of colours and makes really interesting effects.

I very much recommend looking up Vi Hart for all sorts of ideas of things to make- her stuff is amazing!

To make your flowers:

As you can see, it's pretty simple:

1. Make a rectangle of paper at least as wide as your hand and as long as you like.

2. Fold the paper into a fan. The fan pieces will be the petals.

3. Fold the fan in half, then open it again.

4. Cut or tear the fan into a “U” shape

5. Open up the outside of the petals, holding the middle of the flower closed.

6. Glue the edges of the petals so the flower holds its shape

7. Your flower is done!

Try tearing the petals differently, making different sized flowers, or folding lots of paper into a fan at once to make all sorts of flowers.

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